Have you ever loved something so much you started a shop – and then a blog! – just so you could share it and hope someone else feels the same way?

What about when life drops you clues over a 30-year span and you don’t catch wise until it’s being spelled out to you in no (longer) uncertain terms? Well that’s me. So here’s my story.

When I was around 20 years old I received through the mail an invitation to buy these cards that would teach me about natural healing. Turns out it was a bit of a marketing scam – they send you the binder and with your monthly subscription you get more cards/pages to fill it out, and each card talks about something different; they did this with cookbooks, too. But I was hooked anyway!  This is the book, by the way:

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Eventually, despite having my credit card number and charging me, they forgot to keep sending me cards. So I cancelled. But I still love this book and use it to this day. Didn’t make much of it at that time. I got so into it (natural healing, healing foods, etc) my mom started calling me her “granola” (term of endearment, no joke). Then I got into Pinterest right when it came out. I feel like the Pinterest people knew exactly who I was and decided to make a platform just for me (lol). It was full of DIY ideas and helped me discover blogs and people I loved listening to and learning from! I even started gardening, something I had sworn since childhood I’d never do!

While my gardening skills remain dubious, I have been planting a vegetable garden for the past 5 years or so. Please don’t ask me about flowers – I can’t for the life of me keep them alive. I even killed a cactus. A Cactus!!

Thanks to Pinterest I started making my own lotions and creams for myself. Salves, too. Loved it. I loved creating something good for myself, my skin.

When we learned of my daughter’s (our firstborn) heart condition (that’s a whole other post) in my third trimester, I decided I didn’t want her little body having to work any harder than it had to. So I started making creams and lotions and soaps for her that would be as natural as possible and free of toxins and chemicals and whatnots. The less reactions she had to things, I figured, the more her body would be free to focus on what was important. I realize now I was grasping on to anything I could because there was so little I could actually do short of giving her my own heart. But it made me feel productive and I threw myself into formulating those creams and soaps. I devoured anything on the internet that I could find and those blogs I had loved seriously helped me (ex: wellness mama, the frugal farmwife, mommypotamus, one good thing by Jillee). I took my love of natural healing and mixed it with my love of diy natural products – and voila! I made so many things I started handing them out as gifts to friends and family. I was almost pushing it onto people because it’s something I believed in so much and I wanted to share it so badly.

A friend told me it was something I could do full-time and make a little business out of it…. Now, see, I’m an introvert. I work from home. I’m a cat lady (4 cats – all rescues with various cartoon character names: Jack Jack, Popeye and Olive (brother/sister), and Hiccup). This stuff is SCARY.  But I did it. I narrowed it down to 10 items and opened my little Etsy shop last week. More than that, I want to talk with other people about their own passion for all things natural and diy – for moms, dads, sisters/brothers, babies, kids – you name it! So this is me, this is my story, my Hello World, and I’m looking forward to sharing with you everything about this passion of mine, this little shop of mine and how it grows, and new things I’ll be discovering right alongside you 🙂 I’ll be starting to post about the products that I have in my little shop this week, so stay tuned… or tune in!

Bye y’all!

(also, I’m from Quebec but was raised in Florida – fun, right?)

au naturel mj, au naturel mama, diy baby, baby natural

( this is us: me, my daughter Aveline, Mike my husband, and Wyatt our baby. We took this picture last weekend on our very first family trip. It was 2 days of stress and nap-timing and running to Walmart but we loved it anyway!)